Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Allergies, Allergies

Because I had such a wonderful weekend last weekend, I didn't exatly obey my dr about the no casein. Hey - my weekend began with us getting robbed. And then it went downhill.

So I ordered a four cheese pizza. I ate three slices.

I was SO SICK.

Woke up several times that night, and felt like vomitting for the next three days. I still have the residual flemmy cough. Yay, my favourite.

So, I won't be doing that again.

But I thought I'd let you all know the awesome news about my allergies and dairy avoidance.

Sam has the flattest stomach she has had... ever!

I'm not saying I wasn't skinny, because I was (and am). But my stomach would swell quite substantially after food, leaving me looking like I was several months along, especially with the rest of me being so tiny.

Now, my tummy is flat! Yay for flat tummies!

Also, I can exercise now. I actually made it through more of a exercise DVD than I could BEFORE I had pneumonia. Result: the crazy girl has exercised every day since Sat, except Tues, and that was a staff meeting night.

So, no dairy. None at all. But I'm less certain about abstaining from all those strawberries...


Sam-Is-Mad said...

Hey, this post explains the whole "I can't believe you ate three slices of cheese pizza" comment. Goes to show, maybe I shouldn't post on stuff I don't want Joab to tell me off for.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

You're in the minority there Joab. Even Steph has joined the "eat it if you really want to but be careful" group.

Ah, Joab, the only person who can keep me from eating strawberries. If only because he'll chase me around church to take them away from me, and strawberries can't just be wolfed down, they need to be enjoyed.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Strawberries are my favourite.

Except for cheese, which is also my favourite.

And chocolate, which is also my favourite.

I can at least eat some choc, becasue I found a non-milk version. Trace elements due to being processed on the same equipment, but other than that, dairy free. Costs a bomb, but hopefully worth it.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Because I am getting sick of the Natural Confectionary lollies. Especially as I can only eat some of them. :(