Sunday, 22 November 2009

General Update

As I'm sharing the laptop with Kallie (who actually owns it) blogging may be even more sporadic than normal. But here's a general update on life in the mind of Sam.

- Now that I'm allergic to everything, there is nothing I can eat at church lunch. Seriously, the strawberries were the best bet in terms of producing the least bad alergic reaction. Sam didn't eat.
- Drs appointment tomorrow. Will get full allergy results, will be changing my meds and will be forking out about $400.
- The silkworms are eating us out of house and home. Doug Phillips said in one of his sermons (I think I'm linking to the right one) about hamsters being multi-generational thinking run amuk. Ha! I laugh at his hamsters. Two generations of silkworms in, and about a hundred offspring. Should only half of next years eggs hatch we will have about 500. And so far, only 5 caccoons have hatched.
- To solve this problem, Kallie and I thought about getting the silkworms to turn cannibal. We proposed naming the survivor Joab.
- Speaking of whom, the boy's grown a mo for Movember.
- Surviving Ladybug is no longer surviving.
- Sam had 2 panic attacks at church last week (15th Nov). The second of which had me screaming and running away from Auntie Wing. Word to the Wise - when I say, don't touch me, I've just had a panic attack, then that is not a good time to be giving me a hug.
- Kien's pretty much completely gray.
- I laugh at FC's idea of Hukka being frugal/stingy. Much in the same way I laughed about silkworms and hamsters.
- I bought a blender. I now blend everything. I love it. Want a fruit smoothie anyone? Nectaries and strawberries are very nice and are available to anyone who doesn't meanly try and stop me from eating delicious foods that cause me to have hives
- Hopefully will be able to start catching up with more people now that I don't have to use all of the weekend for recovering. Wesley people especially, because I don't get to see them at church.

That's it for now... I think!


joab said...

ooo, i get a silk worm named after me. And it's spelt hAkka...

Sam-Is-Mad said...

They still fail at stinginess. They got nothing on my Mum's people. Either set of them. (Scottish + ethnically Jewish for those of you who aren't in the know)

Sam-Is-Mad said...

And you definately get the survivor cannibal silkworm named after you. And I'll even let you eat your namesake :P