Thursday, 26 November 2009

I Blame Joab

Actually, there's no reason to, other than I can. For once the boy isn't involved. But he's a boy, and it's all their fault. But back to the point...

I've started watching Korean dramas. I feel my life-blood being slowly sucked away, but oh! it is worth it!

I'm watching Full House, which is awesome.

I've decided I'm going to have the good looking guy. He won't get the girl at the end, so that's ok.

He looks even better when he wears glasses, but I can't find a picture. Sorry. Kal said, "He's good looking the rest of the time, but when he wears the glasses, it's like he suddenly aquires intelligence, character, and integrity." And hotness. Just my opinion there.

We started today reading the comments at the end of an episode. Very funny! People are swearing at the characters, saying how one of them 'is not my favourite' (inside joke) etc etc. Some choice (non-swearing) comments:

"*angry face* you can't protect her if you're by Hye Won's side dummy!"
"why is he so jerck heis the king of jercks"
"I think ji-eun's friend ain't really pregnant. It has been how many months and yet her stomach is still FLAT. how is that even possible?"

"all haters hav to calm down. take a breath, just a drama." - Spoil sport.

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Winza said...

If you watch Korean dramas, you might want to watch Jewel in the Palace. It's the best Asian TV series ever.