Monday, 23 November 2009


So, Drs appointment. I am HEAPS better. My meds are going down. Yay!

My allergy tests show that I don't have a problem with gluten (guess who's gonna be gorging on pasta?)! I do have problems with:

- Dust mites
- Artificial food colourings

That's it for now, but I need to be careful about what I eat, because I am "sensitive" (drs words) and might react to something that I wasn't tested for that I haven't had recently.

Dr said I could use more protein to build up muscles (he clearly hasn't seen my arms. If I build up any more I'll look like Creighton) and so I'm to start drinking soy occasionally. He recommends occasional meat, but I really can't stomach it. Gross. So soy it is.

So hopefully all will be good, and I can use my massive muscles to beat up on boys. Guess who's on my list? :P

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