Monday, 26 July 2010

Sam Is Blind

I've been generally under the weather lately. It's winter, and I've kind of come to expect it. I was hoping that all would be awesome with the general avoidance of allergens, but I've still not been great, even when I am really good.

And so it slipped past my radar unnoticed.

I haven't had an eye check since primary school. And I was always feeling tired, my eyes were getting sore, and I was getting a lot of headaches. Eventually, I clicked, and went to get my eyes tested.


I am no longer the only person in my family without glasses.

I am shortsighted, not that much, and I need to wear my glasses all the time.

I got them on Saturday, so I got to wear them for church yesterday. Here are the three best reactions (in order of occurance):

Joab: Is your hair styled different? (I glare.) Oh, maybe it's just the glasses. (I punch him towards his glasses, but stop before I get there, because glasses are expensive).

Lionel: You know, you actually look not too bad in glasses. (Okay, I only like that one because I'm vain)

Shaun: Is this someone new? (Holds out hand for me to shake. I twist it. Apparently, random acts of aggression gave the game away.) Wow, you look DORKY in glasses. I said that he was just jealous because my IQ had gone up 20 points, and now my eyes were magnified and his are normal sized.

I would just like to say, I do NOT look dorky in my glasses.

Me without glasses:

Me looking all not dorky with my awesomely dashing glasses:


Julie said...

Yes, You do look like a dork. and being shortsighted means your glasses make your eyes smaller. Can't wait to see you with them in person.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

No way! I look awesome!

And not at all like a dork!

Anonymous said...

Glasses are nice!