Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Sketchbook Project

This year I decided to complete the Sketchbook Project, because it seemed like fun. I thought I'd do the flying one, so I bought that. Then I got this great idea for the Storybook one. So I bought that too.

The whole Sam doesn't have time for anything? Is about to get a whole lot less time for everything.

On the bright side, I've taken a week off. For school friends, it's the week of Hoang's concert. For church friends, it's the week of the Bible Conference. These two factors should make everyone realise why I'm taking that week off.

To cap it all, last night I realised I have about a million extra bits and pieces to do, so I think I'm going to have a breakdown. Unfortunately, they're all things only I can do (unless someone wants to go to various doctors for me) but it's going to make things even more busy. Hoping to get Wed afternoon off so I can do one drs appointment and rest before I go to a farewell party.

If anyone wants to do the Sketchbook project with me, let me know. It'll be fun, I promise! (Which incidentally is one of the potential topics!)

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