Thursday, 1 July 2010

Finally Posting on the PA Celtic Festival

It was fun and games!

I didn't do any dancing, as I was in the midst of chest infection number 1 (the one where I coughed up blood). So instead I went to about a million music performances, and in between things I wanted to see I sat in the cafe drinking tea and reading my book so that no one in my family would drag me off to their horrid musical choices. (My dad and my sister like the heavy celtic rock, which I really have to be in the mood for, and my mum's choice of music generally sucks.)

Highlight performances:

- Claire Patti. FANTASTIC.

- Siobhan Owen. She was one of my favourites from last year, and she's gotten even better, especially in her harp playing. She's only 16, so if you're interested in celtic music then expect to hear more about her.

- Liminality. Sure, they're a bit hippie, and hippies aren't exactly in my good books at the moment, seeing as I'm hate-filled and intolerant. But seriously, their music is wonderful. Uncle Rob (one of my 3 non-related uncle Rob's - and yes, I have related Uncle Robs, and Bobs, and cousins and I'm confused already) wants me to burn their CDs for him.

- Eric Bogle. Pretty funny. He's mostly known for his anti-war songs, but my favourite songs of his were "White Anglo Saxon Male" and Nobody's Moggie Now.

And finally Beoga was pretty awesome. Lively celtic music with some jazz thrown in, but not too rocky for me. The guy of the bodhran was pretty awesome on it, which vaguely makes me want to learn the bodhran. Of course, I'm supposed to actually practise the harp first. On the other hand, I do have a bodhran (at my dad's) and a video and several books (video with me, books at my mum's - we like to share everything around - we're like communists that way).

While we were busy soaking up the sounds, my brother Robert was endangering his role as the favoured son. He's nearly 16, so what do you do when your mum is at your dad's and your two older sisters are there, leaving you with just your 18 year old brother? That's right, you throw a party. Hey, I did it when I was 16.

Of course, I did not advertise it on facebook.

Nor did I open the door and let everyone who wanted to enter walk in without me seeing them because I was too busy making out to care.

Yeah, Robert's not so smart.

JW moved in for the kill on the position as favoured son. When things got out of control he phoned the police. And then phoned them back. And back again.

Next Door (we have two houses, one of them is called "Next Door" and that's where the party was) was TRASHED. Graffitied, windows smashed, stuff stolen.

JW phoned Mum. She woke me up with her shouting.

Robert got to be driven up to PA and enjoy Beoga. I don't know that he enjoyed it, but I expect it was better than the grounding that he's getting, which is lasting until the end of the year, and includes no facebook or networking sites.

It was an eventful weekend.

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