Monday, 21 January 2013

Sam's Race

As most of you will realise, I'm attempting to run at the moment.  Attempting is probably the right word - I'm not very fast.  If I had to run away from a bear or something, I'd be dead.  On the bright side, apparently, the best thing to do with bears is to play dead.  I can do that.

Anyway, the plan is for all this to culminate n me doing the Tough Mudder.  And because while I'm crazy enough to attempt such a thing, I'm NOT crazy enough to do it without any form of training or other racing, I'm doing some shorter races first.

The first one that I'm doing is the running portion of the Melbourne Triathlon Pink - the 5km version.

It's on the 27th of January, and I'd love it if a few people could come and support me.  You can enter yourself (my whole family have signed up for the 5km version) or you can come and visit me at the finish at Albert Park!

Do text or email me to let me know that you're coming so that I don't miss you.

I'm expecting to run the event in a little less than 30 minutes, but am hoping for below 25 minutes.

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