Thursday, 31 January 2013

General Race Day Info

So, my whole family do the Pink Triathlon fun run, which was 5km.  I was expecting to do okay, to beat four out of the five members of my family, with me losing to my brother Robert, who is 18, male (what with being my brother), and a fitness fanatic.



That's right, I beat ALL of them.  I did really well, though I didn't reach my time goal.  That said, my time goal was probably unrealistic (and I knew it, so wasn't devestated).

So, some stats.

I came in 45th in total, with a time of 27:50, giving me a race pace of 5:34/km.  I came in at the 28th female, and 6th in my category (female and 25-29 years).  Which is really good, given it was my first ever race.

John-Wayne came in at 161, Julie at 162, Mum at 174 and Dad at 175. 

Robert was 71st total, time of 30:10.

John-Wayne (aka Sugar-Boy), as predicted by all, ran the first km, then walked so slowly the rest that Julie (who walked the whole thing) caught up with him.  He then sprinted at the finish so he could beat her, because he had promised to cut off his legs if either Julie or Mum beat him.  "They'd obviously be useless to me," he explained.

So, that's right.  I WON!

Yes, I am slightly competative.  BUT I WON!

My next event in in Geelong, and is a 10km.

Photos to come when my mum works out how to email them from her phone (i.e. probably never).

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