Friday, 21 December 2007

Dessert Dilemmas

So, dessert. One of the things on my list.

Unfortunately my oven doesn't work. So I thought that I could use the one at Frankston. So I emailed Ruth.

The oven at Frankston doesn't work.

I was then going to cook at Rebecca's house. However, as you may have noticed from my previous post, I didn't make it anywhere yesterday. So, no oven.

I thought, okay, I'll buy scones, but still whip the cream and buy jam.

Baker's Delight doesn't have any plain scones. They've got chocolate scones, savory scones and fruit scones. The first two are not suitable, and I don't like fruit scones. (Yes, it is selfish, but they chose me to do dessert, and I want a dessert I like!)

So, I went to the supermarket, looking vaguely about for something. I found pancake mix, and choc bits. I thought, great, I'll make choc-chip pancakes.

I would just like to say that this is harder than it sounds. The choc-chips all went to the bottom of the mix, the chocolate all burnt, and the pancakes nearly all broke on flipping. Plus my kitchen (and to a lesser extent my house) filled up with smoke.

So, I've got one lot of pancake batter (without chocolate) that I can use. But I'm feeling a little wary of pancakes. Plus, the only thing I've got to put on them is maple syrup. Although I could make a lot of chocolate sauce to put on it. But it seems a little boring for a Christmas dinner.

Aside from that, I've only got the chocolate bits, some dark melting chocolates, and some bruised fruit (nectarines, an apple, and a grapefruit). And I'm preety much out of ideas. And money. I've not got much left, and it does need to last for a few days. I could go back down to the shops and buy some of their bruised apples, and make stewed cinnamon apples. But it doesn't seem special enough.


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