Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Two Testimonies

I'm not much good at sharing testimonies. But here are two that have happened recently. One some of you (Frankston people and Steph) have heard. The other is about 10 minutes old.

Testimony 1
As you all know, I've had pneumonia. And money was getting quite tight for a while. I went back to work as soon as I could (being a CRT means I don't get any sick pay), but there is a lag with our payments. I get paid for two weeks of work on the Thursday after the second week. So, it was just two days before my big pay, and one day before I was working at Katrina's doing cleaning, for which I usually get $50.

On that day, Chiann was driving me, and she looked at me and said, "God is telling me to give you $50." Now, I'm actually not a easy person to give money to, as Rebecca will tell you. But who am I to argue with God? I thought that the money probably would have been more useful a week before, but I can always use an extra $50.

Well, the next day I went to Katrina's. Because I had changed the day with her due to other commitments I had, she had forgotten to get any money out. She went down to the ATM. Not working. She was going to have to put money in my account.

How much does Katrina normally pay me? $50. And had Chiann not given me that $50, I wouldn't have been able to get home (legally, anyway). Had she given me the money a week earlier, I would have used it in a mortgage repayment. God really knows out needs and provides for them.

Testimony 2.

My lawn is a huge, huge mass of weeds. The grass is mostly higher than my waist. I need to mow it. Problem 1: I don't have a lawnmower. So I go down to Bunnings and look at them. Cheapest push mower: $60. I don't have $60. So I decide to post a Freecycle add, knowing that I'm going to have difficulty picking it up. So, just as I post it, I ask God to sort it out.

Not only am I getting a lawnmower, but as the person who is giving it is picking up some stuff from me, he's even dropping it off for me! How awesome is that!

Praise God!

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