Friday, 7 December 2007

Mmm... Chewbacca

So, something about Cors + Justin's Engagement party (which was on Tuesday). I helped a little with the tormenting of them (photos hopefully later - but we made them dress up as a princess and a frog prince - I painted the frog mask, and we made them answer impossible quiz questions).

So, in one of the speeches, Eleanor (I think) talked about Corina's 16 year old self had said would make up her perfect guy. Her three points were:
1. Kind
2. Funny
3. Hairy (she claims that bit was a joke).

Well, Justin has 2 out of 3. (Guess which one he's missing.)

So, in the quiz time, one of the questions was, who was Cors' favourite actor in primary school. Justin's first answer, "Um... Bruce Willis?"

Denise's father shouted out, "No Justin, think hairy!"

"In that case, Chewbacca."

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