Saturday, 22 December 2007

So, How Did I Do?

What did I manage to complete from my list?

- Meeting regarding my house
Not done

- Read English Literatre For Children

- Work on KFC Costumes
I did 2 belts. That was what I was aiming for. This means that I have only 2 more belts and 3 costumes to hem. That is a lot of progress. Each belt takes about 3 hours.

- Watch The Pursuit of Hapypness
Not done

- Finish my Vetamophus stuff
I have only four more chapters to read. That means that I did 6 homework exercises, a few other exercises, and completed (start to finish) a seminar paper

- Cook desserts for Frankston Christmas service
All done (we are having stewed cinnamon apples with ice-cream), except that I need to buy the ice-cream

- Listen to another audio CD
Listened to most of it. I have just one more sermon to listen to. Which is a large amount of sermons.

- Read More Prayers for the Plain Man.

Other stuff I managed to do:
- I read Night by Elie Weisel. It was heartbreaking.
- I read a few short stories from The Book of Virtues
- I read part of Famous Men of Greece
- I read an education article
- I started knitting a dolls dress. True, I only did a few rows, but I've been wanting to get started, so I'm really grateful for that.

So, what are my goals for today?
- Buy the ice-cream
- Do my last few chapters for Vetamorphus
- Listen to the last sermon on the CD
- Finish reading Famous Men of Greece
- Plan my New Years Resolutions
- Make a budget for next year
- Watch Pursuit of Happyness
- Work on KFC costumes

Plus I have church at 4:30PM. But I should be able to get a few of these things done. That would be good.

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