Monday, 6 October 2008

David + Kaye's Wedding

Finally up to putting up the photos for this.

Anyway, for church friends, two of my school friends got married recently - David and Kaye. I missed the wedding, but made the reception. It was beautiful - and everyone danced. That is because it was a Jewish wedding, and Jewish boys dance. They all dance hyper, and I think that is way, way cool. Claire said that she wants a Jewish wedding. Eli told her that it takes 2 years to convert. She replied that she didn't want to become Jewish, she just wanted to wedding. I like the bits where you throw lollies at the couple, and then the kids scramble to get the lollies so they can eat them. I think I'm going to steal that bit at least.

The happy couple

Claire, Steph and Winnie.


For some reason there are no photos of me on either my camera or Winnie's. Not one. There will be some of me dancing in the official photographs - though not as many as there will be of Steph. The photographer thought that Steph dancing was the highlight of the evening.

It was very romantic - the best bit was that the music for their dance together cut out, but they kept on dancing. And when it came back on, they were in time. It was so sweet.

More people need to get married. Okay, okay, I know Cors and Justin are. And Jas and Chris. But really, is that enough?

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