Monday, 20 October 2008

My Day In the Kitchen

Our cook is away, and today I got kitchen duty. I was to start at 7:30, a horrible hour to start work.

Within 20 minutes I had flooded the kitchen. I'd never uses a dishwasher before.

On the bright side, judging from the colour of the water after I mopped the floor, the kitchen needed flooding.

Then I set about chopping fruit and making sandwiches. Until 3:30. Where upon I stopped. Because I worked continuously, so I got to go home EARLY!

Sam likes going home early.

Now for music practice before ballet class.

I promise I won't flood it.


Shaun said...

Horrors, shockers, Sam is spoiled.

Well, to tell the truth, I also first used a dishwasher in Aberdeen, Soctland. And it flooded too. Mostly suds, but apparently the thingie was just spoiled, like Sam.

It was lucky they had sense not to make a kitchen floor our of carpet.

And I am a bit curious about the food you were making. Were they supposed to be for lunch for your kids? Then that would have been a really late lunch. I call it lupper.


Sam-Is-Mad said...

I made them morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea. And NOTHING was more than 15 minutes late.

And a late lunch is not lupper, it is lea.

shaun said...

You know what would be better? If we skipped breakfast and ate dinner at lunchtime, it would be called blinner!