Sunday, 26 October 2008

Sam Hates Inaccuracies

Ps Ian finally did it. He said something WRONG. I hate it when people say things that are WRONG in sermons. It annoys me like you wouldn't believe. I was sitting there fuming, thinking, "That's WRONG!" until he made the funny statement about the blind man looking at the mud.

I do not care that he was quoting. It was WRONG.

And before you think that is bad, I am STILL cross with these people for their innacuracies:
- Ps Wilson. The Amish are not dying out.
- Wes. The Emancipation proclimation. Did not free all the slaves in America. Only those in rebel-controlled Southern states.
- Uncle Peng. Moths are in cacoons, butterflies are in chrysilises. Although I am less cross, because I pointed it out to him. Reb has told me to do so, because I fume about it.

Wes's sermon was over a year ago. I'm still cross. Ps Wilson should be glad that I was not at the Bible conference, because I would have been very, very cross when he again made the same inaccuracy for a second time.

Yes, I am aware that these are all minor points in sermons. But I HATE it. They are WRONG!


Sam-Is-Mad said...

I clearly have issues.

Anonymous said...

This might not relate to your topic, but I really want to publically declare that:

If I was a boy I would seriously romantically consider Rebecca. She just helped me fill out a form and saved me from having a mental breakdown.

She is my hero =D

God bless Joab with his thesis, and all Sam's other avid readers with their exams.

Love always,

shaun said...

Well, I'm glad I'm reading then.