Saturday, 11 October 2008

I Am Clearly Sick

Why? I've been eating really well this week. Okay, I had ice-cream for dinner twice. And I just ate ice-cream for breakfast. But seriously, the rest of the time has been scary nutritious. Here's what I ate yesterday:

- a bowl of chocolate porridge
- a wholegrain sandwhich with basil spread, sliced mushroons and cheese
- two peces of raison bread
- a salad with lettuce and semi-dried tomatoes
- about 1/3 of a cucumber
- a pear
- a banana
- two tubs of pureed apple
- half a vegemite and cheese sandwhich (white bread)
- an extra banana slice
- a few watermelon slices (finger sized ones - I think I had three)

And then for the junk food:
- two sweet bicuits
- 1 bowl (and not even a large one) of homemade ice-cream

You know what is worse? On my break I noticed that there were lots of sweet biscuits in the cupboard. And I ate, I WANTED to eat, my sandwhich. Free sweet biscuits!

Man, I MUST be sick.

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