Thursday, 25 December 2008

Clearly I'm Not Worried About Germs

Just in case some of you haven't noticed, I adore some of my kids. Jonty, Hannah, Alana, Zoe, Big Ella, Alec and 'Cilla are the definite darlings in my eyes.

Alec and 'Cilla are best friends. They play together with various toys, mostly of animals, complete with elaborate story lines.

You also might have noticed that I've been receiving rather a few presents from my children and their parents - as have most of the other teachers. Astha in the toddler room had a whole lot of fruit given to them, and they decided to put it in the staffroom. (Incidentally, Kal, that's where the mango comes from. Reb, YOU MAY NOT EAT IT. It is for KAL.) There was so much fruit Astha had to make several trips. In between the trips, a few peaches were stolen by small hands.

Later in the afternoon, I find Alec feeding a peach to a toy dinosaur. I take the peach away. I don't want to spend hours cleaning toys.

Two minutes later, I hear Alec call out, "Sam, 'Cilla's not SHARING with me!"

I tell 'Cilla to share without looking.

I turn around a minute later to see them sharing another peach, one mouthful for 'Cilla, one for Alec.

I started laughing, and Helen looked over. She said, "I'm going to pretend that I can't see that." "See what?" I asked.

When they decided that they had had enough of the peach, they came up to me and gave me the rest of it.

I ate it.

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- k o R i - said...

You eating peaches children have bitten into is perfectly fine me thinks. It's the giving children what you have eaten before that's scary x.x