Sunday, 28 December 2008

Randoms, mostly for Kal, who is coming back today

These people are AWESOME!

Helen is resigning. My life is over.

I got hugged. Real hugged, not photo hugged. At church. By a church boy. By an ASIAN church boy. (Boy is new, Kal, you don't know him.) Clearly, Jesus is returning very, very soon.

I bought a new laptop. It is smaller than the box of chocolates I bought yesterday.

I actually practiced the harp yesterday. I can play the first line of Bach's Minute in G, but what with the harp needing tuning, it sounds slightly odd.

Speaking of tuning, I bought a tuner! With built in Metronome. (Or was it a metronome with built in tuner...? (I also bought a new keyboard)) Soon to come - harp played in TUNE!

Chocolate pile has reached it's zenith. I am preparing to eat it all.

I missed you!


Anonymous said...

I missed you too Sam.

I'm sorry your life is over but glad you got hugged. Your laptop is cute. Yay for musical equipments. May I borrow the tuner one day?


Anon (I need to rush this so I can comment on your other posts)

Sam-Is-Mad said...

You can borrow! And we can play Minuet in G together on harp and base!

Reb said...

41 kids. Wow! That sounds interesting. You should do something like that Sam. Only you need to have more than them =)