Monday, 29 December 2008

On Biblical and Non-Biblical Ways of Getting Dates

Helen, my lovely team-leader who is leaving, is getting married! (That's not why she's leaving.) I am of course invited to the wedding. Along with a friend, who must have wheels (because the wedding is in the sticks).

I was discussing with Kal and Reb.

Reb (the spiritually mature one) suggested that I get an escort. "They always end up together in all the movies."

I pointed out that I didn't think the Christian, future homeschooling demographic was highly represented in the male escort population.

Kal suggested that we draw lots. "It's Biblical!" said she.

"So at church on Sunday we should get all the single boys with cars to put their names in a hat?"

"Of course, if you get someone you don't like, you can just get rid of their name."


Reb said...

Correction. Someone else said you should get an escort and I mentioned that I had seen one, one! movie where someone hires an escort to a wedding and they fall in love.
ONE movie!!!!
Please do not misquote/misrepresent me again.

Anonymous said...

I confess to suggesting an escort =D


Sam-Is-Mad said...

But that is the point of my blog!

Everything you say will be misquoted and used against you, in a humourous manner.


Sam-Is-Mad said...

Do you thing that Ioan Gruffudd is free?

More awesome suggestions at this link: said...

Maybe you should change your blog's background to racing cars- then car loving boys who have cars will visit, think you like cars and take you to the wedding.

-Awesome Suggestions

Sam-Is-Mad said...

You think cars would get me Ioan Gruffudd?

False representative of famous people said...

Ioan Gruffudd likes cars. Shiny ones. Ones that are shiny. He will take you, but only if you change the background to SHINY cars.