Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Another Person Who Is Never Coming to My House

So, I have some new pets. Their names are John and Yoko, and they are very cute. When I told people at church about them, they just said, "Yoko is a Japanese name." Seriously.

Anyways, John and Yoko are Hermit Crabs. John is light and Yoko is dark, and Yoko is more active, though they both are up there with the activity.

I bought them primarily for work, so on Monday I took them in. I was proudly showing them off. I even took them in to the kitchen to show Jenna (the cook Jenna).

"Mmm, they look tasty!" she said.

"You know, you are the second person who has threatened to eat some of my pets."

"Maybe you shouldn't have such tasty pets then."


joab said...

ooo, crab....

Sam-Is-Mad said...

I think there would be more meat on one of the silkworms.