Sunday, 14 February 2010

And Sam Has A New Symptom

That's right. Just when we thought that Sam reacting to dolls was bad enough. I have had a bunch of sores on my tongue, then on my gums. They went away for a week, and now... they're back.

Lots and lots of blisters, all over my tongue, especially at the front.

Google's consensus is that I have allergies.

I think I'm going to be starting a food diary sometime soon, because this is not fun. Although then I'm going to have to cut out yet another food.

Stupid body.

Oh, and I got no Valentines.


- k o R i - said...

I got no valentine's either x.x

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Where'd your boy go? Why wasn't he about? Is he is Oz?

Also, loved:
"Spending time with family is important to many people.
I on the other hand, try my best to spend as little time with them.
I wonder why."

Me too!

- k o R i - said...

He was away visiting relatives for five days... ugh...

Sam-Is-Mad said...

That's pretty sucky. Someone else (not me) is suffering the same fate. She's so lucky she has me to cheer her up. And I haven't even told her to have 6 children yet. :P

- k o R i - said...

lol :P
how many kids will she have then? xD

Sam-Is-Mad said...

She wants 2, he wants 3, and I don't really see them going above that. Not like you and Jiashen. 6 babies!

Although, as my Mum said, 3 is the worst number to have. If you're going to 3, you may as well just have a 4th.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

I also reacted to another doll at work. Fun