Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Chinese Funnies

If Only She Had Suceeded
Anna wanted our CG to go out for Chinese New Year. In order to drag the White Girl along, she bribed her with the promise of "a hot Chinese guy". I told her that he needed to be tall, and want 20 children.

Anna thought for a second, then said, "I guess he'll have to be Chinese Chinese then, not Singaporean or Malaysian."

Ken's Funny
So at the said Chinese New Year dinner, I'm there talking to Ken. And as it always does when you're talking to me, the topic got around to babies.

"So when do you plan to have your first baby?" he asked.

"When I'm fifteen."

"You're 25 now, right?"


"Sam, I think you need a new plan."

And At Work
Megan is the cook's daughter. She came up to me and offered me some "sweets". I pretended to eat them. Megan apologised for them saying, "They're not very sweet."

"That's all right. They can be Chinese lollies."

"That's because they're TANBARK!"


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- k o R i - said...

But Chinese Chinese can only have one kid =X

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Only if they live in China...

Sam-Is-Mad said...

They are more likely to WANT lots of children. Which the average Singaporean/Malay doesn't.