Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Sleep-Deprived Rant

I haven't blogged for a while, and I have a bunch of posts in my head, but I'm mostly too tired to do any of them.

Sick. Again. Another cold that is in the process of settling into my chest. I've been coughing up awesome coloured phlem on a regular basis now. As long as it isn't red, because that kinda freaks me out. That said, I think if I cough up blood twice in one winter I'll just about give up on life. Apparently I look dreadful; everyone at work has commented.

Still haven't posted about the PA Celtic Festival. We should get lots of people to go next year. We can all sit in the church service and bag it for its terrible theology.

Speaking of terrible theology, Ruth's sermon sucked. I am apparently not the only person who thought so, but I forced Jas to listen to about 10 minutes of me ranting about its horrendeousness.

Now that that complaint is out of my system, I feel better about myself.

Baby Erin wants to run over her new staff member with a tractor. Coincidentally, there is a tractor parked outside of my house.

I have the sweetest little African dolls. I love them, and am going to buy more when I have the energy to go to Chaddy. Which will be never.

HEY! Lots of people owe me birthday presents! GIMME STUFF! Or else I shall be sad and cry and cry.

Tomorrow I get to spend the whole day on the computer and tidying the storeroom! Yay! They are driving me CRAZY!

151 books to read.

Off to cough up plegm and go to sleep. Sorry for appalling spelling and grammar y'all. I'm sleepy. I think I mentioned it once or twice.

One day I'm going to sleep.

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