Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Stephen Is Will Scarlet

So I told a few people about my dream, the response was amusing. The best though, has definitely been Stephen.

He has decided that he IS Will Scarlet.

I leant him some of my Robin Hood books and he has been reading them like the over-eager boy he is, and then at random times he texted me and Kal his responses.

"Holy cow! Will Scarlet! So cool! I will now go find a scarlet cap with a fine cock feather."

And when he got to the end of the book,
"Robin Hood died! I'm so sad! I'm close to tears! How could he die? :-("

I replied that one of the factors involved was the fact that he was from the 14th century. That'll kill you every time.

"But but... His cousin betrayed him! And killed him! She should be tried for murder!"

I consoled him with the offer to go to England and dig her up and burn her bones. I don't think that consoled him, because he was too sad to buy us the mouse-traps we needed. At least we don't need them any more.

He eventually consoled himself...
"Today is 'Go to Work as Will Scarlet day'. Together with my suit I am wearing a hat (lacking a red feather) white shirt with red lines, red cardigan and red socks. I am Will Scarlet!"

The sad/funny thing is, everyone at his work thought he looked good.

Oh well.

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