Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I Love It When I Dream In Narrative

So, a few nights ago, I dreamed about Robin Hood. It was a full on story, complete with characters (mostly played by people I know) and a intricate subplot.

Here is it basically.

Normans hate Saxons. For some reason, the Saxons are all my friends from church. Read, if you're Saxon, you now are Asian. Normans are white. Which at least makes sense. If you're Saxon, you wear moden clothes, but the Normans got to wear awesome costumes. It was all in castles, but with modern technology, so I got to watch a "WANTED" add for Robin on TV.

I am Maid Marian. Marian is cousins with Lady Kelsey. Lady Kelsey is in love with Will Scarlet. (Played by Stephen.) They get caught, Uncle is not happy, locks Kelsey away in a tower, and Will heads to the forest to join the handsome Robin Hood (sorry, you're outta luck with details!)

Marian comes to the rescue. She delivers a messege from Kelsey to Will, and in doing so, meets the handsome Robin Hood. Robin teaches her how to sword fight.

Marian then gets caught, and also gets locked in the tower.

Clearly Robin is buffer than Will (sorry Stephen) because he climbs up the ivy (Romeo and Juliet style) to converse with Marian.

Lots of fights ensure.

The castle is burnt down.

Marian and Kelsey join Robin and Will in the Forest. They all get married by Friar Tuck. Clearly, Friar Tuck is Ps Ian. Friar Tuck was a Norman who sympathsized, from memory.


More Robin stories to come. Suffice to say, Stephen has decided that his role in life is to be the awesome Will Scarlet.

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Sam-Is-Mad said...

I forgot to say - Joab was Alan A Dale and Kien was Little John. They didn't do anything, they were just there.