Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Robin Hood (and the thought processes of getting to him)

Was reading The Everlasting Man, and it was talking about the silliness of the popularised image of the cave-man, and then I thought about how awesome it would be to live in a cave. The recent guest preacher said bad stuff about caves. I suspect he's never been in one. Caves are awesome. For a brief while I wanted to live in one, but then I realised the error of my ways, and went back to my first abodal love - the tree house.

Recently my Mum was talking about how Julie and I designed our own tree house and wanted to live in it. My instant response was that I still want to live in one.

Stephen recently said that Shaun isn't Chinese, he's from a tribe. He (Stephen, not Shaun) danced for us the Chinese Hukka, which was hilarious. He then said they live in tree-houses. So I looked up the people group (Karda-something-or-other). They do in fact live in tree houses. I however, am slightly sceptical. How could Shaun have lived in a tree-house, if he didn't spend the majority of his childhood playing Robin Hood?

Which brings me to the point. Robin Hood. Awesome.

Best book: Enid Blyton's Tales of Brave Adventure. Enid is so under-rated. Seriously, as if you can doubt Julian's hotness. (Sidetracked for a second. Back to Robin Hood).

Best movie: Robin Hood. Oh My Goodness! I love this movie. It was my favourite movie until I saw The Princess Bride, and that overtook. So now that I'm reminded I have to buy it on Amazon. Hey! It was my birthday yesterday, and I haven't bought myself enough presents! The spending of over $150 of Vision Forum products means NOTHING when compared to the need for online retail therapy.

Here is a review of this film.

This used to be what I watched every time I was sick. As I was sick quite a lot as a kid, I used to be able to quote a whole lot of it by heart. And I was always surprised when the boy turned out to be Marion, no matter how many times I watched it. Fantastic.

I probably won't see the new Robin Hood. Robin Hood should be YOUNG. YOUNG I SAY! RUSSEL CROWE IS NOT YOUNG! HE IS OLD! SAM NOT LIKE!

Now that that's out of my system, I'll see it if it's on TV, or for really cheap on DVD. But to pay good money to see it in cinemas? I'll go see that 3D dance movie first. I like dance movies, even if the acting is terrible. It's all about the dance.

Distracted. Robin Hood.

So, one of the many reasons why the above Robin Hood is awesome is that it is hilarious.

Here's the trailer. Doesn't have most of the best lines though.

Spent money. All is right with the world.


Sam-Is-Mad said...

Clearly, the next dress-up day anyone vaguely connected with me has I will be either Robin Hood or Maid Marian.

I think I still have some bows and arrows somewhere...

Sam-Is-Mad said...

If not, I shall buy some. Vision Forum would sell them...