Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Random Bits and Pieces

So I made a Kal and Stephen watch Robin Hood. They rather enjoyed it, but I must say that Stephen would die if he really had to live in a forest. He thought that the deer were kangaroos.

It's a very English version. Lots of insults - probably wasn't suitable for me at the tender ages I was watching it. But it did give me and Kal the opportunity to explain to Stephen about why the Saxons were all great archers while the Normans sucked, and where the insulting gestures of the middle finger and the first two fingers came from. (For those of you who don't know, they are both connected to archery, and are the English (because it always was the English) telling their enemies, "Nah nah nah nah nah, I still have two fingers / my middle finger!" Because the French used to cut those fingers off so that they couldn't be used as archers. History lesson over.)

I still need to do some more posts on my drawings - I haven't for ages. True, I haven't drawn for a while, but I do have a backlog of drawings.

I also need to share infos on the Celtic Festival. It was fun, and I didn't eat many allergens. I want to post links and videos of different performers, but I'll have to look on youtube because I never remembered to take any videos.

Having today off - partially sick, and partially because it's my planning day, so I'm planning at home. I had already done all my work, so I'm having a restful day achieving some of the 21 things on my to-do list for the day before heading out for the ballet this evening. Some people say that doing 21 things is not restful, but those people are not taking into account the innate restfulness that descends when those 21 things ARE DONE.

I have 156 books to read.

As some of you know, I knit. Mostly at the moment I knit hats and donate them. I am rapidly (okay, not that rapidly, but fairly steadily) going through my wool. If anyone has any half-balls of wool that they want to give me, then that would be very welcome. A full ball of wool will usually make about 4 hats, and I use smaller amounts to make stripes, so even very small amounts are welcome.

That's about it. Now to start doing things on my list. And no, blogging wasn't one of them.

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Stephen Tan said...

Thanks for the lesson! I enjoyed it! You should have 'Lessons from Sam' and teach people new stuff all the time