Monday, 31 May 2010

Don't Panic Steph!

DON'T PANIC. I am going to the Drs tomorrow!

Why? I just coughed up blood. And yes, me blogging about it does make me like that celebrity who blogged as her house was being robbed.

So I am going to the drs tomorrow, even though it is my birthday.

What a sucky birthday present. I bet it was all my jokes about getting pneumonia so that I would get engaged.

Where's my man? If I'm going to cough up blood I want at least a boyfriend from this!

This would explain general malaise, tiredness, low fever symptoms, and being even more grumpy and depressed than usual.

Stupid body.

Where's my boy? This is not fair.

Drs are not my favourite. Hopefully I get out of more work.


joab said...

aiz, don't die Sam...

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Why would I die when I can torment you? That would be no fun. :P