Thursday, 14 December 2006

School Concerts

As most people are aware, boys are very energetic people. As I'm sure a lot people are aware, the school system takes a really dim view on this energy.

A short time ago the school I am doing my teaching rounds at had their school concert. Our class was dressing up as Africans and doing a dance to The Spirit of Togetherness. (I did not exactly approve, but as I wanted to pass my rounds, I kept my mouth shut.)

We all got to watch the other classes for part of the night, but of course the boys kept wriggling and giggling and talking. So I went over to each wiggling boy and calmly informed him: "I have the make-up. Everyone has to wear make-up on stage. I can make you look like a girl or a manly warrior. Which do you want?"

"Manly warrior! Manly warrior!" they all whispered back.

"Then sit still!"

I've never seen boys sit so still. A few needed reminding - "Do you want to be a manly warrior?"

My mentor teacher said afterwards that she was surprised at how well behaved all the boys were. I smiled, and told her.

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Mister Teacher said...

Ah, if I could only threaten my third graders with the application of makeup... I would be a much happier math teacher. :)