Friday, 11 July 2008

I am not delicate... but apparently I am hot

At church a few Sundays ago (because I haven't posted for a REALLY long time) I was helping Reb carry book boxes to the car. And so as happens, the boys started getting concerned about me and Kal carrying large amounts of boxes.

(Incidentally, I found carrying a box of rocks easier than Derrick did. And I was wearing heels and a skirt.)

So Jason came up to me and said, "I'll carry the boxes, you look delicate."

If I hadn't been carrying the boxes, I would have hit him. Then he would have realised that that was the wrong thing to say. Boys should never point out that you LOOK delicate. It's a bad idea. You can carry stuff for us, but be careful what you say, because translation into girl language was: "You are weak. And worse, you look dreadful. So let me carry the boxes."

I glared at him and told him off. Then Shaun tried to carry the boxes. He asked properly. But I was cross because of Jason. And then Lionel wanted to also carry them. "Just take them," said Kal, "She won't give them to you otherwise."

On a completely unrelated subject, there is apparently a conversation on facebook about how hot I am. It all comes from a photo of my from Steph's wedding.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of blogging. BTF combined with no internet at home. Spells doom.

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