Sunday, 27 July 2008

More on my harp

At church, I told EVERYONE, "I bought a harp!"

The immediate response was always, "You play the harp!"


For some reason, people expect that when you buy a musical instrument from eBay, that you can actually play this instrument. People are weird that way.


Anonymous said...

You bought the harp! Wow!!!
when (...if) you learn how to play, you have to teach me!

Even better. You can just let me have a random go at playing it...I'm sure it's not very difficult...with 22 strings and all. I mean it'll be easy compared to the 34 string one!

:) Amy

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Apparently even the first practises sound pretty. Not like what you're trying to play, but realy pretty all the same!


More Sam-operas! Now on harp!