Tuesday, 15 July 2008

If I were pregnant, this all would make sense

Last night, I was sitting in the kitchen with Kal, and I decided I wanted food. Not just any food, I wanted avocado and chocolate. Mixed together. I was desperate for it. I even asked Reb if we could go out and BUY avocados and chocolate. She said no. Apparently 8:30PM is not the best time to ask Reb to take me out to buy weird foods.

This morning, I thought about the avocado and chocolate, and I nearly vomitted.

Now it sounds really good again. Really, really good. I would go out and buy, but I have training that starts in just a little while. And it's nearly 6 and so all the shops are shut.

Avocado merigue would be nice too.

Weird food cravings would make so much more sense if I were pregnant.

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