Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Robspierre and Danton

There were two people you never tried to bribe in revolutionary France. Robspierre and Danton. Robspierre would refuse on principle - and probably have your head cut off later. Danton for different reasons. He apparently took every bribe he was offereed - and did precisely what he wanted.

I've been thinking about me and my room leader, Helen. She's a Robspierre. She won't let the kids throw temper tantrums. She jsut won't.

Me, I'm a Danton. I let the kids throw as many temper tantrums as they want. I'll let them scream and cry and try to whack me. But I don't buckle. Once they've done their screaming, they do what I say. I'm perfectly capable of making a kids sit for two and a half hours until they have eaten their corn. I know, I've done it.

Which is better? Don't know, they're just different. The actual Robspierre and Danton both got executed. But hey, you can't have everything... :P

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