Tuesday, 2 June 2009

25 Sam Facts

In honor of my 25th birthday (yesterday - 1st of June) here are 25 little known facts about me.

1. My chest voice and my head voice sound like two completely different people. Both sing nicely, but they sound very different.
2. I find it disturbing when the atomically correct dolls in the home corner are not wearing clothes. Non-atomically correct dolls can go naked for all I care.
3. My grandfather has the same birthday as me. It wasn't a nice present, he was dead.
4. I can drink straight lemon juice and find it tasty.
5. My favourite style of painting is probably impressionism.
6. I didn't ALWAYS want 2 kids. Once I only wanted between 4 and 6. But the longer I remain single, the higher the numbers go. What can I say? I like a challenge.
7. I almost never order tea when I'm eating out - I can't justify the money for a tea-bag and some water.
8. I worte 6 novels in high school. They are never leaving my computer.
9. As a teenager I was worried about the size of my thighs. Now that I'm an adult, I worry about my stomache and my high-byes as well.
10. I topped one subject at uni. Renaissance Literature
11. I spent all my prize money on one book. I read the book once, and before I bought it. It's a glorious book though.
12. If I ever do honours, I'll write on how Shakespeare is interpreted into ballet.
13. Once I gave up black tea for a whole year. I staarted drinking it again when I did my teaching rounds, and there was no green tea in the staff room.
14. My favourite movie is The Princess Bride. "As you wish" has to be one of the most romantic lines ever.
15. Our TV doesn't work. Mostly I don't miss it - we just use it to watch DVDs.
16. The dairy product I like least is milk.
17. The only allergy food I willingly consume is strawberries. That's because strawberries are delicious.
18. My favourite sandwich is light rye sourdough with cream cheese and cucumber.
19. I lived for a year on little more than homemade soup and free bread.
20. I have sang at an audience for the Pope, and for the crown prince of Thailand. I found both these occasions boring.
21. I wear make-up almost every day. If you can't tell I have eye-lashes, it's a day off.
22. I have this week half off work. I seem to be doing more than I normally do, and consequently, I'm already wrecked.
23. The opera that I loved the one time I saw it was The Flying Dutchman, by Wagner (I think).
24. I am able to kill almost every plant I come into contact with.
25. My nic-names include Sammyantha, Samuri, and Sammy-Sammy, and Hammy.

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- k o R i - said...

Happy belated birthday Sam!

Yesterday, I finished my last coursework for my last semester! :D

In any case...
Many Happy Returns, God Bless, and may you have many, many, many, many children soon ^_______________^