Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Please Pray

Long story short:

I went to the dr for my lungs because I can't sleep.

Turns out my lungs are doing great, considering.

I do, however, have a heart murmur.

Of course, I was heart broken (pun intended).

Please pray that this is the problem regarding my breathless state, and that there isn't another issue, that the problem can be easily corrected and will not affect my ability to have kids.

My tests are tomorrow (Thurs) at 11AM. Don't know how long they will take, but will update accordingly.


Sam-Is-Mad said...

Incidentally, heart murmurs range from the 'barely noticable' to bad. I don't actually want the barely noticable, because then I would have another problem effecting my breathing and functioning.

Stephen Tan said...

Will be praying. God will protect you!

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Tests are done, and the technition said I wasn't going to die before my results come in, which is good.

My results come in on Wed - so please keep praying.