Monday, 29 June 2009

Simon & Garfunkel

I went to the S&G concert on Thursday. Honestly, it was one of best nights of my life so far. It was fantastic!

I had spent so much money on tickets that I went in there thinking, "I better come out bathed in their spit." Well, my seat wasn't that close, but it was close. Right in the middle too. Probably the best row to be in out of the whole house.

It was interesting hearing about how they met, and about some of the stories behind their songs (like The Only Living Boy In New York). They played the usual hits, which didn't include many of my absolute favourites (I like the most obscure song on each album the best, just to be difficult).

They met when they were 11, in 6th grade. They were in the same production of Alice in Wonderland. Garfunkel was the Cheshire Cat, which he said, "I like to think of it as the Second Lead" and Paul Simon was the White Rabbit. Garfunkel said, "I followed the White Rabbit down the Rabbit Hole and I've been following him ever since."

Paul Simon said of the exerience, "If anyone had told me, when I was 11, that this other kid you just met and you were going to write songs together that would be famous, and people would still be listening to you, all over the world, including in Melbourne, Australia (requist cheer from the crowd) for more than 50 years, I would of been, like, SO? Because that's how you are when you're eleven."

They missed out on the drum beat in The Boxer, which was a real pity. (I can't find a version with the drum beats - so buy their CDs!) Adam described the missing drumbeat in his usual graphic language, as hitting you somewhere it would really hurt for a guy. It's an awesome song, but the missing drums was indeed very sad.

Fridays performance. I had way better seats than this poor person.

I've added about 7 CDs to my amazon cart (a variety of their post-break-up CDs) plus bought another S&G at JBs, and also an Everly Brothers CD, because they "completely inspired" S&G. Apparently they also inspired the Beatles, so I was completely sold. They sang Bye Bye Love, All I Have To Do Is Dream, and Wake Up Little Susie.

They've moved on to where-ever they are going next, so all you Melbournites have missed out, because they're going to DIE before they get back together again. And they certainly aint coming back to Oz. You missed out. I'd be sad for you, but I'm too busy listening to my S&G CDs to think about anything except the music.

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lie lie lie?
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