Monday, 1 June 2009

The Hero and the Cockroach

In our house, we have 3 heroes. Stephan, Jean-Marc, and some guy called Y. They helped us move.

Anyways, on Sat Stephan was over, and he and Kal went through Kal's music collection, because the Rebel's music sucks. And Stephen saw something moving.

"Is that a bug?"

Kal got all excited, and hurried over to her base to capture this speciman of buggy-delight. Only to let out a shriek of horror - "It's a COCKROACH!"

The Rebel rushed in, only to be useless in an emergency. I am normally to cockroach remover, but I was doing the washing up, and so was out of action.

And then, the hero came to the rescue.

He picked out the roach (with his bare hands - gross!) and took it outside and smooshed it.

Stephan is AWESOME.

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