Sunday, 30 August 2009

How Much Vicariousness Is Too Much?

I don't have much of a "love life". Okay, I have none at all. I make up for this by living vicariously through other people. Okay, through one starting-up couple. Some of you know who they are, and some don't so if you know, shut up, because they're shy!

The thing is, I tell people who don't know them - including people at work. Toddler Erin (i.e. the Erin who works in the toddler room and not in the kinder room) is very interested. She presses me for details, tells me to tell them to spend more time together, etc.

So Erin is living vicariously through my living vicariously.

And then Erin told me, "And my Mum said that they need to hurry up and become official already!"

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