Sunday, 30 August 2009

In Family News

My Mum and sis stopped by and we discussed all the family news that has happened since I saw them last. The main details:

- Apparently, my Mum's heart murmur (which my dr said mine was, rather than the same type as what my Dad's is) can cause lungs to fill with blood. I expect that that would be extra bad for someone who has asthma and lung damage. It is very bad when we are stressed. Apparently beeing told that my lungs could fill with blood should not be stressful.
- My cousin Tyrone is a paraplegic after a car accident. His girlfriend died.
- My brother John-Wayne decided to formally invite his girlfriend Paige into the family. No, they are not getting married. (They're both 18.) They did think that she was knocked up. Then they found out that she had ovarian cancer. She's been operated on, and she is fine. It apparently developed almost identically to mine from when I was ten, but because of the pregnancy scare got caught even earlier, so she only had one ovary taken out, and none of her womb.
- My other brother Robert went to China. But leaving the country doesn't keep my family out of hospital! He had a tussle with the wardrobe. He lost. He is now missing a chunk of his face / side of his head, has had 6 stitches, and sees 3 specialists every few days. They will be deciding whether or not to evacuate him out sometime tomorrow, though it will probably be another day or two before he is likely to be in Australia. They are worried about flesh eating bugs.
- My Dad doesn't want to celebrate Father's Day. I already bought him a present, so he's not getting out of things that easily.
- My Mum is about to have kidney failure. This is genetic, and I'm not doing too well on the genetic front. I need to have these tested sometime soon.
- Julie (my sis) is getting to breed chickens this semester.
- One of my Aunt's had another baby. I don't remember which one. I expect it was Jill or Sally. Although if it is Sally she'll be up to 14 by now. Which I wouldn't have a problem with, except that there would be over 10 different fathers. At least with Jill's lot there are only 2.
- The mafia have not yet killed Uncle John. I think someone's lost money on that one. Possibly my Mum.

On a serious note, I am the only Christian in my family, with the exception of the Matriarch of the Mess, my Nanny (in my family, Nanny is a grandmother, Granny is a great-grandmother). So please pray that they accept Christ as a result of... well all of the above.

Incidentally, I saw my Mum and sister last about 5 weeks ago. What can I say? We act fast.

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