Saturday, 1 August 2009

My Friend, The Hulk

I was tidying up, when Jae Hong looked at me with the air of someone making a great confession.

"Sam," he said, "I like Power Puff Girls."

"That's all right Jae Hong," I said. "I have a friend who likes them too."

Jae Hong looked at me, and asked, "Is he a girl?"

"No Jae Hong, he's my friend who eats the silk worms."

"Oh," said Jae Hong. "Is he a kid?"

"No, he's bigger than me. But he is younger than me. But he's a grown up, more or less."

Jae Hong thought about this, then asked, "Is he bigger than the Hulk?"


joab said...

i MIGHT be bigger than Dr. Banner when he's not the Hulk...

Sam-Is-Mad said...

I don't think so.

Proving once again, for the third time in recent history, Joab is a boy.

Rimos, you have some catching up to do. You're only on one.

joab said...

wha? That I didn't get. Side's it's bad to be the Hulk, you have a personality disorder

Sam-Is-Mad said...

You is bragging 'bout your muscles. Joab, you don't have. I got more muscles than you.

Bragging 'bout muscles be a boy thing to do.

joab said...

lol, i said bigger, not more muscles. Bigger means in general, i might be taller. Though he's pretty much smarter than me having ALREADY had his PhD =P

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Nope, you'd be smaller. You're a shortish, skinny, Asian boy. Sorry to break it to you.

Though Kallie and I both think that you're louder - even when he's te hulk.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Kallie reckons you'd beat him in a Pokemon battle.

joab said...

Ahahah, depends on WHICH pokemon I have I guess =P