Saturday, 1 August 2009

Sam Gets Beaten Up...

By a three year old girl.

Ingrid was about to belt one of the Isa's, so I picked her up and moved her. She ran back, and re-hit Isa, so I picked her up angain and held onto her.

She chucked a wobbly.

I have:

- Bitemarks on both legs (fading - not too bad)
- A bitemark on my tummy (fading - not too bad)
- Bitemarks on both arms, most of which have developed into bruises
- Some hair missing
- Vivid scratches on my face, particularly around my eyes, where Ingrid tried to claw my eyes out

- A bite on my thumb that required ice-pack, time not with the kids, and is probably infected. She not only broke the skin, but ripped it away, had the area around the bite turn purple, and resulted in me thinking many many swearwords.

Her mother came in early to pick her up because we phoned, but couldn't talk due to noise (she teaches too), and saw me and asked, "What happened to Sam's face?" Erin was like, "Your daughter happened."

We have permission from her to do whatever we see fit.

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Anonymous said...

Sam - I hope you have gone to see a doctor, especially with your existing health issues. Definitely go and see your doctor and file an OHS report. Don't let the infection spread - if an infection gets into your heart you could be in big trouble (I know they always have to make sure infections don't get into T's heart).

If you have any medical costs, WorkCover or equivalent may be able to cover them.
- Steph