Thursday, 3 January 2008

888 Challenge

So, I'm hoping to do the 888 book challenge. Basically, I want to read 8 books from 8 categories, with 8 overlaps, for a total of 56 books. But, I see you all saying, "Sam, you read more than 56 books a year". Well, I'm planning to read these all by the end of Janurary. I'll post how I did at the end of Janurary.

Children's Books:
1. Queen Zixi of Ix
2. The True Story of Noah's Ark (to buy)
3. The House In Cornwall
4. The Web of Time
5. Bambi's Children
6. The twelve days of Christmas
7. Sons From Afar
8. Billy Budd

1. The Custom of the Country
2. John Thomas and Lady Jane
3. Uncle Tom's Cabin
4. The Buccaneers
5. The Aeneid
6. Cosmicomics
7. Billy Budd
8. Shirley

1. Mozart and His Operas
2. Foxe's Book of Martyrs
3. Caesar
4. The Young Einstein: The Advent of Reality
5. Galileo's Daughter
6. King Charles II
7. The Brontes
8. The Warrior Queens

Christian Books:
1. Praying God's Will For You Life
2. Foxe's Book of Martyrs
3. A Profule of Christian Maturity (book of Philippians)
4. A Woman's Walk With God
5. Beautiful in God's Eyes
6. Loving God With All Your Mind
7. Family Driven Faith (to buy)
8. The True Story of Noah's Ark (to buy)

Short Story and Poetry Collections:
1. 2003 Glen Eira Literary Awards
2. Death of a Huntsman
3. Death in Venice and other stories
4. The Rendezvous and other stories
5. The Watercress Girl
6. The Princess and other stories
7. The Rattle Bag
8. The Poems of W.H.Davies

Maths and Science:
1. Saxon Math Algebra 1/2
2. The Young Einstein: The Advent of Reality
3. The Essential Parent's Guide to Primary Maths
4. Galileo's Daughter
5. The Double Helix
6. Insect Ways
7. God Created the Intergers
8. Prolegomena

General Fiction:
1. Imperium
2. The Bronze Horseman
3. The God of Small Things
4. Rocannon's World
5. The Miracle at St Bruno's
6. Travels With My Aunt
7. Life and Death in Shanghai
8. The Flight From the Enchanter

1. The Brontes
2. Memoirs of a Country Childhood
3. How Literature Works
4. Arms and the Man
5. Peer Gynt
6. Dancing on my Grave
7. Me and My Shadows
8. Prolegomena

I only have 7 crossovers, so I suppose that for me it is the 887 challenge.

Question: can anyone work out what books are the 7 crossovers?


Disinterested Benevolence said...

how do you like Saxon math? have you worked thru all the previous books?

Some people tell me that Saxon is not strong on problem solving and that some students who study Saxon really struggle with this later on. Have you found this to be true?

and I hope you get all your kids. you sound like you'll be a great wife.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

I LOVE Saxon math. It's fanTAStic. I love the fact that you keep practising everything after you first learn it. I learn things very easily - I always got most of the questions right in any exercise. Ask me again in 6 months and I might be less certain.

As for problem solving - if you know how to do the maths, the problems are a lot more easy. But I also have several Singapore books, including all of the word problem books for primary school.

I've done all of Saxon Maths from 54 onwards. I did 54, 65, 76, and 87 all in one year, 2006. As I started work in 2007 maths kind of went by the wayside. I did less than 30 lessons of Saxon Algebra 1/2. But I'm hoping to get back on track this year!