Monday, 28 January 2008

In which I am a cradle snatcher once again

So, after Adam and Allan proposed, they then suggested Daniel. I've had this suggestion before from more than one person, mainly because he's Christian (Catholic) and he wants to get married and have lots of children. Which is a major factor in his favour.

I replied that Daniel wasn't crazy enough.

"Oh, that sound's like a challenge," he replied.

Then Adam brought up the religion issue.

Daniel and I looked at each other, and he said "Sola Scriptura," to which I replied "Prima Scriptura". For those of you who can't follow our Latin, that's him saying "Protestant," and me replying "Catholic".

Jaani then got us to pose looking lovingly into each other's eyes. Which I wanted to be able to post here, but he still hasn't emailed me his photos, so you'll all just have to imagine it.

We looked at the photo, and Daniel said, "Oh, that's efinitely coming out at my 21st."
Me: "You're not yet 21? I feel like such a cradle snatcher!"

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