Monday, 28 January 2008

Testimony of Sorts

So, as pretty much all of you know, I had pneumonia in November last year, and had probably had it for about a month ahead of my stay in hospital. And as most of you would know, I haven't been getting better in terms of energy levels. Oh, I'm not coughing up my lungs any more, but my energy is still not there. I can't get up early, or stay up late (let alone both at once) and generally I get a lot less done when I am awake. I'm simply not functioning the way I did before I had pneumonia. I was vaguely concerned, because the doctor said that I should get back to my old energy levels within three weeks. But I chalked it up to doctors being lying liars who lie (I've had way too many bad experiences with doctors), and as there wasn't really all that much I could do about it, I decided that it wasn't worth worrying about.

This has actually been very good for me. You see, I'm a Backster. Backsters are from my motehr's side of the family, and we are characterised by a few different things. First, we can make something out of nothing. We can feed pretty much any amount of people on any budget you want. Oh, the food won't necessarily taste any good, but it'll be nutritious enough. Second, we tend to draw the men and then have lots of children. I'd prefer to just draw one who wants to marry me, but the kids'd be great. Finally, we're strong, independant women. Five generations of feminists, usually a generation ahead of the movement. (Good news for all you non-feminists out there - I want to be a SAHW/SAHM, so that's where we'll probably be in 30 years.) I can carry washing machines up steps BY MYSELF. I can do anything.

Except at the moment. At the moment, I can't do all that much. In fact, when I was helping Rebecca in with the books for the bookstore, Joab took the box of books off of me because I looked tired. (I thought I'd covered all that up with make-up.) And as it was, the box was the only one Rebecca would let me carry - it was little and light. And everyone keeps on trying to feed me (which I like) and generally take care of me. I have to accept help from others, and more to the point, I have to continuously through my burdens on God. If I don't I simply can't make it.

Well, I've found out why I haven't been getting better. I have lung damage, probably from having pneumonia for so long without treatment. The damage may be permament. I'll have to go back for tests to see the extent of the damage (it effects my breathing out) but the tests will be just that, tests. My doctor stated that they were "just to see the extent of the damage".

I guess I get to throw my burdens on God for a little longer.

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