Monday, 7 January 2008

Cafe Greco

Yesterday after church I went out to see some of my old school friends, including Hoang, who I haven't seen for ages, as he's studying music in America. I've never even met his girlfriend, and they've been going out for 2+ years. She's been to Australia a few times to meet his parents etc, and every time I've missed her. So I managed to get to Cafe Greco to see everyone. True, I got there an hour late, but I did get there.

But we forgot that Cafe Greco sucks.

Oh, I don't mean the food. The food is fantastic. The cakes (which, let's face it, is practically all I eat) are amazing. No one can finish them - including me! We usually share them between us. As Steph wasn't able to make it (and Steph loves her chocolate just as much as I do) all of the cakes had to remain unfinished.

So why does Cafe Greco suck? I'll tell you. The service is APALLING. Every time we've been there, every one that we've been to, we get ingnored, it takes FOREVER to get our food, and they waiters are rude too.

Allan has declared that we're never going there again.

He may be right.

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