Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Amy, Our Love

While at the OC, Kallie and I were waiting for Amy, who was at a meeting. She was gone a LONG time. So we wrote her this poem, then read it to her.

Amy, Our Love

Amy, beloved Amy,
Thy hair is dark
And evokes haunting memories
Of dim dusk light on a magpie's wing

Amy, dearest Amy,
Thy smile is radient
Like a fluorescent wand
And uplifted to which our hearts doth sing

Amy, darling Amy,
Thy dulcet tones
Are like the songs of bellbirds
Across valleys with echoes that ring

Amy, absent Amy,
Why have you left us in isolation,
Where all that remains are our painfully beating hearts,
And with each contraction that knife of loneliness
Slowly pierces our brains.

But now
At last
Our love returns!
And we breathe once more.


It has been pointed out by heartless people that our poem does not make logical sense. Those heartless people are simply people who are heartless and have no sense for poetry.

Incidentally, this poem has been recited by Alicia and recorded by Adrian. She read it well, with great expression. Although it was also funny when we made Joab read it.

Just so as you all know, Kallie's writing me an epic. There are going to be seagulls of jealousy that peck out eyes and dolphins which rampage through supermarkets.

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Anonymous said...

Our beautiful poem =)

I began the epic poem but it's terrible. I think the cold has frozen my brain. I'm sitting here wearing a shirt, a jacket and then a bulky coat over the top. I'm about to find gloves 'cos mah hands are frozed.

Hope you're warm and well =D I shall see you soon.

Love always,
your adoring fan who continually has her heart crushed.

PS- 1 Corinthians 1:4