Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Contextualising Scripture

Well, I've just got back from Quensland where we had the OC. And I have a few funny posts to put up. Survey questions, plans of vengence, etc, etc.

But I thought I'd start off with something that actually has to do with the Bible. You know, given that that is a big part of Christianity.

As you all know, I go to an international church. My blonde hair makes me a distinct minority (ha ha! I'm so funny! Hey - it's 5:30). Well, we have a few interesting phrasing of sentences, a few interesting pronounciations of words, all of which cause Kallie and I (and to a lesser extent Rebecca) to crack up. Here was the top one for the OC.

Ps Wilson was presenting, and he started talking about the Utopian Eunich. Seriously, that was what Kal and I heard. I remember thinking that the Eunich probably didn't find his situation Utopian.

The other is from me mis-reading my Bible in a way that was funny (to me, I know, no one else, except maybe Daniel would find this funny). Amongst the descendents of Noah (through Ham) were the Ludites. Except I read the Luddites.

Common, as if that isn't funny!

But there are some very funny posts coming up, so stay tuned!

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