Monday, 31 March 2008

On Names

As those of you who have been reading for a while would know, I'm planning to give my kids virtue names. Here are some of the ones so far:

- Christian Courage
- Will Triumph
(On the bright side, these can be shortened to Christian and Will. I did think of that before I planned for my kids to be bullied for the rest of their lives.)
- Mercy Grace
- Faith Evanagline

And before you all think that is bad, there is a family that that will suffer more than mine in the name department. At the OC, Joab, Ian and I were discussing these names. And then I learnt the lovely names that Ian's kids will be called. Harmony, Melody, Rhythm, New. They just flow into his last name... Harmony Song... New Song...

I don't know how pleased Ivy will be with all those names, but she needs to realise that when you pair her name up with Ian's and say it really fast it sounds like "I've a song". Oh well. It could be worse. Ivy's sister's name is Ida.

As if that aint funny.

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Oh dear Sammy...