Tuesday, 11 March 2008

You Know...

You know you're tired when... you come to CG after work and your shepherd wants to know why you aren't in bed.

You know you want to be a quiverful when... you can play soccer with one kids with another kid balanced on your hip, and with a doll in your apron pocket.

And could I get more opinions regarding the hair?


Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, I hope you got home safely just then =)

I just thought of a benefit of short hair. You can wash it and it dries fast. But it is hard to be a Rapunzel if you have short hair. You really need to ask yourself: do I want convenience, or a prince to rescue me from a tall, doorless tower?

I think I burnt my nose working in the sun =/

Anyway, goodnight, sweet dreams and stuff =D

Lots of love,
Someone Who Dislikes Their Middle Name (sorry, I'm too sleepy to think of a cool identity)

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